Kinesiology & Energy Healing

Put very simply, Kinesiology uses simple and painless muscle testing as a type of body language to communicate potential problems and solutions to the client and practitioner. It is non-invasive, drug-free and enormously empowering.

It is based on the principle that different muscles are connected to the energy of different organs and healing systems in our body. When the natural flow of this energy is disrupted, disease is said to result.

Kinesiologists can help individuals to identify these blockages by looking at  the physical, nutritional, emotional and energetical imbalances of  the individual. In recent years I have been working on ways to combine Kinesiology with energy healing and the results have been astonishing.

More About Energy Healing

Treatment Fees

Initial (2hrs) £110
Follow up (1hr) £70
Extended Sessions (1hr 30 mins) £90

Child Consultations 0-16yrs
All (approx 50 mins) £50

IMPORTANT: All relevant nutritional supplements charged separately and cancellations within 24 hours incur a 50% charge.

Dawn Bailey Kinesiology