About Dawn Bailey


A.S.K Dip
Level 2 Reiki & Seichem

My journey into Kinesiology and energy healing started over 20 years ago when I attended a course to understand and resolve a variety of health concerns that seemed unrelated at the time. Within a few months my health changed dramatically and I was amazed at how much can be achieved when we connect holistically to the wisdom of the body.

A few years later my mum was diagnosed with lung cancer and given a year to live. Although I had some powerful tools to help support her well-being, it sparked a strong desire to understand the deeper emotions that disrupt our ability to heal.

The teacher who helped me to understand how to recognise and release subconscious patterns with the use of Meridian Tapping and language structures, became a close friend and a few years later I co-authored a book with him called ‘Without The Woo Woo’ to share these important messages for healing.

As well as embarking on a personal journey of discovery, these tools used alongside my Kinesiology knowledge and my study of a variety of evidence based books such as ‘The Biology of Belief’ by Dr Bruce Lipton and ‘Molecules of Emotions’ by Dr Candice Pert has greatly enhanced the emotional and physical health of myself and my clients.

I have taught Kinesiology at Foundation and Practitioner levels for many years and have deepened my knowledge of energy medicine by qualifying as a Level 2 Reiki and Seichem Practitioner.

‘I believe that together Kinesiology and energy healing can allow the body to communicate what it needs to release or dissolve to bring it back into harmony.’

Alongside my clinic practice and family life, I enjoy walks in the woods with my dog, meditations and a good laugh with my friends to maintain the emotional, physical and spiritual balance of modern life.

Dawn Bailey Kinesiology