There has never been a better and more important time to learn Kinesiology. Why? Well, because muscle testing allows us to find out vital information about health and well-being directly from the individual’s own unique system, so rather than just relying on science, facts, figures, statistics, technology (and sometimes even guesswork) we actually discover the empowering answers within ourselves.

However I am fully aware that the standard training takes time and planning, at the moment my Foundation courses are split into 6 levels and run over 6 weekends and while that works perfectly for people who prefer to spread the learning, it isn’t always practical for everyone.

That’s why I offer intensive 8 day training courses which are held over a 4 week period. This private course is tailored to the student, has a maximum of 4 places and is held in my private clinic at a cost of £2400 if one person books or £2000 per person if two to four people book.

The next 8 day Intensive Course starts on Sunday March 24th 2019. If you would like to find out more about this forthcoming course or investigate a later more suitable date, then please contact me.

Dawn Bailey Kinesiology